To fulfil three of its key missions – educating about musical practices and professions, supporting occupational integration, and training teachers – the Philharmonie organises trainings, sets up meetings and discussions, and creates distribution tools.

Music-related professions

In order to illustrate career orientation issues and to give the public a view into different careers in music, the Media Library has initiated “career in the spotlight” meetings with guests from various professions (artistic, cultural management, technical, etc.). These events are very popular with the public. Participants can continue their exploration online by consulting the downloadable documentation booklets and video recordings.

Practical Guide to Music

The Practical Guide to Music provides a wealth of information on musical instruction and practice, and music-related professions. 
It contains regularly updated databases of conservatories, master classes and academies, competitions, careers in music, musical publications and music festivals, etc. and answers to key questions regarding musical practice, and training and professionalisation for musicians.

Musical mediation

The musical mediation training is mainly offered for students of the Conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de danse de Paris, and musicians from the Les Siècles orchestra and the Orchestre français des jeunes (French Youth Orchestra). It gives musicians the skills and preparation to better share the music they play, to present it and explain it to neophytes. The course progresses through several stages – from design to completion of a musical mediation project – and covers aspects such as musical analysis, musicology, pedagogy and public speaking.

Training for youth

The conventions between the Philharmonie and the Conservatoire serving the Paris area, the various conservatories in Seine-Saint-Denis and the Pôle supérieur d’enseignement artistique Paris-Boulogne-Billancourt represent strong ties. Indeed, the La Villette site is an important link in the musical education system for the youth of Greater Paris.

Working hand in hand with teachers

Since September 2012, a course has been offered for teachers from all disciplines – primary school, French teachers, music, etc. – to give them autonomy in preparing their class(es) for educational concerts. The course presents them with all of the tools they need to discover and appropriate the various educational sequences on works presented at concerts, before reproducing these sequences with their students. The course also includes listening preparation and corporal expression exercises.