Activités à la PhilharmonieJ. Mignot

Museum activities

From storytelling tours led by a tour guide and storyteller duo, to workshop tours to explore the Museum and play a variety of instruments, or Wednesday music initiation cycles that include singing and putting on a little show at the end of the year, there are plenty of fun and active ways for children ages 4 and up to discover the Museum and its collection, either accompanied or on their own. All of these activities include a mini-concert. 

Tours are scheduled every Saturday and during school holidays: at 3pm for ages 4-6, and at 2:30pm for ages 7-11. Special family activities are offered on Sundays, with a workshop visit at 11am and stories set to music at 3pm.

The workshop rooms

The three 'Museum workshop' rooms are where school groups and individual visitors come to do hands-on activities. They are set up to be accessible to all, and equipped for workshops on some twenty themes, such as Baroque music, world music, the music of cinema, the symphonic orchestra, to name a few. They contain more than 700 instruments, from the harpsichord to trumpets and electric guitars.