Concerts, shows, visits and activities for kids, youth, families, adults and school groups, cultural mediation: all of the programming in a click!

In keeping with the Philharmonie de Paris policy to reduce its overall paper consumption, we invite you to consult our online brochure:


Concerts, shows and activites - 2016-2017 (in French)









Concerts, shows and activites - 2015-2016 (in French)







Teachers, cultural mediators and coordinators in the social sector – 2015-2016 (in French)








Education & Training / Music Professions - 2015-2016 (in French)









We invite you to consult our online brochure (in french).
However, if you would like a printed copy of the Philharmonie de Paris brochure, please complete the online request. You will receive our brochure as soon as possible (delivery time depending on the destination country).