Families and children

You wish to awaken the interest of your children, grandchildren, nephews, nieces in music… to give them the opportunity to discover concerts, activities and exhibitions which are rich, varied and suitable for their age-group? You’ve come to the right place. Welcome to the whole family.

We offer children and their families the appreciation of music through original programming, with an emphasis on exchange sharing and discovery between generations. Family weekends, concerts, shows, musical awakenings, practical musical workshops, exhibitions and visits, with or without parents… music is learned, listened to and lived at the Philharmonie de paris.

The aim is simple, to allow children and parents to experience new musical pleasures through experimenting confidently with new forms.

For everybody/ children from 3 months

Atelier de pratique musicale en familleW. Beaucardet

Awakening the Youngest

Playing, singing, exploration of sound, auditive and corporal discovery: develop musical perception and accompany your child on their first steps into the world of music an excellent means for developing the memory and concentration, through stimulating curiosity and the imagination.

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For everyone, children 3 and up

Développez les petites oreilles ! W. Beaucardet

Develop the Young Ear !

Stimulation, creation, learning, accompaniment; Bring young listeners to watch or participate in concerts, shows, visits or workshops.

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For everyone, children 7 and up

De Mozart au Beat Box !W. Beaucardet

From Mozart to Beat Box

String quartet, electric guitar, Beatbox… Concerts, workshops or visits, children can familiarize themselves, take over and play with the music.

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Teenagers, 12 and up

Agitez les curiosités !W. Beaucardet

Acquire a Passion for Music

The Philharmonie aims to prick the curiosity and quench the teenage thirst for discovery! Electric guitar, film soundtracks, introduction to studio techniques… Impossible to not find what you’re looking for.

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Family visits to the music museum

Instruments, history, music to discover. Share a fun and lively family visit  to discover, with your children, the extraordinary instruments in the Music Museum.

With your entrance ticket take full advantage of:

  • Children’s audio-guides
  • The playbook “Expedition to the Land of Instruments”, distributed to kids over 6 on arrival
  • The “Touch the Music” pathway
  • A mini-concert programmed each day by the Museum

Why these age-groups?

No matter what age the children you bring, we will be glad to see you! An age bracket is systematically associated with each concert or activity. It’s important to respect these guidelines. The activity you have chosen has been conceived for a particular age-group in terms of the pedagogy employed and the children’s development. The guidelines are also aimed at assuring homogeneity of groups. In order to maximise the experience, it’s important that you prepare your kids for the visit and what they will hear and see.

Musical Recreation Sessions

In combination with certain concerts, we are prepared to look after your children during our musical recreation sessions. Our teams of musician-group leaders will welcome them and lead them in singing and discovering instruments. They’ll even receive morning or afternoon tea.

How to Get Here?

We recommend numerous ways to come.

Be inventive! Scooters, roller-blades and small bikes can be stored in our cloakrooms. We do ask however, that unicorns and dragons be left outside, for reasons of hygiene and safety.

And after? Continue your visit in the Harmonia-Mundi bookshop-boutique in the Cité de la musique. You will find plenty of book on music suitable for young readers.


No problem! We’ll look after your pushchairs and strollers in the cloakroom while you enjoy a concert, and we’ll supply you with a version specially adapted to making your way through the Museum and our exhibitions.

What to do in the park?

The Philharmonie de Paris is situated in the Parc de la Villette which offers numerous family activities. Magnify your experience! Explore our neighbouring partners’ programming, picnic on the grass, discover the gardens, wander on the banks of the Ourcq Canal…

Bienvenue à toute la famille !

  • © William Beaucardet

  • Atelier du son © William Beaucardet

  • Ensemble de cuivres © William Beaucardet

  • Atelier guitare électrique pour les enfants © P.E Rastoin

  • Spectacle jeune public © P.E Rastoin

  • Spectacle jeune public © P.E Rastoin

  • Spectacle pour enfants © William Beaucardet

  • Gamelan en famille © William Beaucardet

  • Pratique musicale en famille © W. Beaucardet

  • Eveil musical en famille © P. Célarié

  • Concert participatif en famille © W. Beaucardet

  • Pratique musicale en famille © W. Beaucardet

  • Pratique musicale en famille © W. Beaucardet

  • Activité en famille
  • Atelier du son
  • Ensemble de cuivres
  • Guitare électrique pour les enfants
  • Spectacle jeune public
  • Spectacle jeune public
  • Spectacle pour enfants
  • Gamelan en famille
  • Pratique musicale en famille
  • Eveil musical en famille
  • Concert participatif en famille
  • Pratique musicale en famille
  • Pratique musicale en famille