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Pierre Feuille Loup

Jazz à la Villette for kids

Pierre Feuille LoupPierre Feuille Loup © DR
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Saturday, 8 September 2018 — 11:00am
Amphithéâtre - Cité de la musique
Duration: about 45 minutes


  • Sylvain Choinier
    PFL Partie 1
    PFL Partie 2
    PFL Partie 3


  • Sylvain Choinier, guitar
  • Lison De Ridder, dessin et animation
  • Jeanne Gogny, storyteller
  • Manon Thorel, écriture
  • Johann Abiola
  • Jérome Hardouin, mise en lumière
This family-oriented show features vintage modernity, with a century-old guitar pumped up with electricity, an overhead projector revived from a dusty school closet, and an ancient voice—the one that has been telling us stories since childhood.


Teaser Pierre Feuille Loup

Jazz à la Villette

4-13 SEPTEMBER, 2020

The event to kickoff the new season covers the entire jazz palette, crossing genre lines to offer a living panorama of this ever-evolving brand of music.
With Eric Legnini, Baptiste Trotignon, Bojan Z & Pierre de Bethmann, Sélène Saint-Aimé, Fatoumata Diawara, Michel Portal, ...