The Sound of Charlie Chaplin

This exhibition is an invitation to rediscover the work of the master of silent film from a musical vantage point, shining the spotlight on the close relation to dance, rhythm and the illusion of speech and sound, all rigorously “orchestrated” in each of Chapin’s works.

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Exhibition opened Tuesday to Thursday from 12 pm to 6 pm | Friday from 12 pm to 8 pm | Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 8 pm

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Talk to the eyes, talk to the ears

Confronting Chaplin's cinematographic art with numerous works, machines, scores and manuscripts, this exhibition restores all the "eloquence" of his genius, whose influence extends from the avant-garde to popular culture. Examining everything in her work that makes "noise" and "speaks" to the eyes as well as to the ear, the exhibition shows how much the search for sound and musical expression catalyzes his entire imagination.

This exhibition extends the (often limited) field of music to other objects, such as noise, gesture and rhythm. Resolutely, Tramp's silent pantomime has established itself as one of the most emblematic "sound bodies" of the 20th century, and even one of the most visionary and politically committed.

Exhibition’s curator: Sam Stourdzé
Associated curator: Mathilde Thibault-Starzyk
Science advisor: Kate Guyonvarch
Set design: Freaks architecture

An exhibition suited for families

Come play inside the exhibition!

  • Dress as the little Vagabond while you visit the exhibition
  • Do the sounds effect for  a silent movie
  • Meet the Tramp’s hologram
  • Create your own Charlot cubiste  as Fernand Léger did in 1924
  • Like Tramp, play with the doors and discover some secret passages…