Films Musicals

From Fred Astaire to John Travolta, from Cyd Charisse to Jacques Demy’s heroines, from West Side Story to Beauty and the Beast’s speaking and twirling objects, a music and images panorama of the film musicals’ richness and diversity.

The exhibition is now closed.

The Philharmonie de Paris thanks all of its visitors.

Fred Astaire dans Mariage royal (Royal Wedding), réal. Stanley Donen, 1951

This exhibition explores the joyous world of musicals. It seeks to immerse visitors in the films themselves, thanks to giant projections, along with photographs, rare documents and fun interactive exhibits to place the genre within its historical context.

Un monstre à Paris, réal. Bibo Bergeron, 2011

The exhibition adresses a wide audience, including children: a space is devoted to them with a selection of film extracts, costumes, tapdance workshops…