MMM – Matthieu Chedid meets Martin Parr

The MMM exhibition is the first in a series of shows combining music and photography. These two art forms are closely related yet very diverse, are both profound and popular. Their paths have crossed over time, unceasingly enriching one another in a mutual fascination. All the more reason to pay homage and to highlight their variegated encounters.

Affiche de lʼexposition MMMDR

The MMM exhibition is the product of a meeting. The meeting of two personalities: a musician, Matthieu Chedid, with a pronounced visual bent and one of the most important figures in contemporary photography, Martin Parr.

Swirling around the visitors, the scenography, conceived as a wandering, leads them towards a genuine sensory experience which, from small-scale image to wall fresco by way of projections, accompanies the stroll on which this surprising duo invites us to join them. From this unexpected pairing, a four-handed composition is born.

Artistic direction :
Matthieu Chedid, Martin Parr and Sam Stourdzé
with the cooperation of Charlotte Ortiz.

Exhibition co-produced by Labo M, Magnum Photos and the Rencontres d’Arles, co-produced in Paris by the Cité de la musique – Philharmonie de Paris, with support from SACEM and Prima la musica, patrons’ circle.

With support of Prima la musica, patrons’ circle of the Philharmonie de Paris.