Within the Cité de la musique - Philharmonie de Paris, the Musée de la musique is a special place where music and fine arts, history and society are all interwoven, not only in the permanent collection but also in the vibrant temporary exhibitions that reflect the mission of this unique institution.

The museum chooses exhibitions showcasing major figures from the worlds of pop, folk and academic music and significant musical cultures from around the world. Its events also explore the ties between music and fine arts, film, etc., and how music fits into a specific societal or political context.

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Expo Charlie Chaplin

This exhibition is an invitation to rediscover the work of the master of silent film from a musical vantage point, shining the spotlight on the close relation to dance, rhythm and the illusion of speech and sound, all rigorously “orchestrated” in each of Chapin’s works.

Upcoming Exhibition
Exposition Pierre et Gilles

Working together since the 1980s, the artistic duo known as Pierre et Gilles have captured the iconic aura of multiple generations of stars in their photo-paintings. With this exhibition conceived as musical and visual installation, they reveal the secrets of their art of image creation.

La Flûte de Pan, Cap D’antibes, Été 1923, Huile Sur Toile, 205 × 174,5 Cm, Musée National Picasso-Paris

From his earliest scenes of gypsy life, flute players in the 1970s and harlequin musicians, to his cubist Guitars, collaborations with the Ballets Russes and bacchanal canvases, this exhibition explores the musical dimension running throughout Picasso’s work.

Exposition Great Black Music

The temporary exhibitions at the Philharmonie de Paris combine artworks, musical instruments, costumes, and interactive elements, offering visitors an immersive journey into the world of music.