Within the Cité de la musique - Philharmonie de Paris, the Musée de la musique is a special place where music and fine arts, history and society are all interwoven, not only in the permanent collection but also in the vibrant temporary exhibitions that reflect the mission of this unique institution.

The Museum chooses exhibitions showcasing major figures from the worlds of pop, folk and academic music and significant musical cultures from around the world. Its events also explore the ties between music and fine arts, film, etc. and how music fits into a specific societal or political context.

Recent exhibitions include Ludwig van, MMMThe Velvet Underground - New York ExtravaganzaGreat Black MusicMusic and film, the marriage of the century?Paul Klee PolyphoniesBrassens or freedomLenin, Stalin and music, Django Reinhardt: Paris swing, David Bowie is... and Pierre Boulez.



OCTOBER 13, 2017 TO JANUARY 28, 2018

Immensely rich in photographs and audiovisual material, and backed up with manuscripts, letters and drawings, the Barbara exhibition uncovers the multiple aspects of a woman, an artist who knew how to find her way, without ever betraying herself or repeating herself:...

Étienne Daho

Daho Likes it Pop

DECEMBER 5, 2017 TO APRIL 29, 2018

The Philharmonie continues its cycle of exhibitions associating photography and music with an invitation to Etienne Daho to tell his version of the story of French pop, through a personal selection of emblematic photographs of artists, during the course of an unusual musical...
Chant Avedissian

Al Musica

APRIL 6 TO AUGUST 19, 2018

Whilst underlining the important place which music occupies in Arab societies, Al Musica is a manifesto for the preservation of an ancient little known patrimony, and at the same time an example of the vitality of contemporary creation in the Arab world.

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