This exhibition explores the joyous world of musicals. It seeks to immerse visitors in the films themselves, thanks to giant projections, along with photographs, rare documents and fun interactive exhibits to place the genre within its historical context.

This exhibition tells the story of a genre that draws us into the euphoria of “total entertainment”, from Singin’ in the Rain to La La Land, and innumerable expressions of musicals around the world. It immerses visitors in the films themselves through giant projections accompanied by rare photographs and documents.

  • the first in the world on this subject.
  • a fun and interactive exhibition, well-suited to families and groups.
  • an invitation behind the scenes of beloved musicals: you will see drawings of famous costumes and decors, discover film sets, and even learn a bit of tap dancing.


  • N. T. Binh

In parternship with the CNC.

Photo credit: Les Demoiselles de Rochefort, Jacques Demy, 1967 - Photo Hélène Jeanbrau © Ciné Tamaris