Major projects to support


The Philharmonie de Paris is not only a symphonic concert hall with unrivalled acoustics and exceptional programming; it is also a generous project for the transmission of musical culture through strong and structured educational dimension. Moreover, it is a place of musical heritage, boasting an extraordinary collection of antique instruments at the Museum of Music, and which appear in the various exhibitions and events on a given theme, artist or genre.

In becoming a patron of the Philharmonie de Paris, you can choose to be associated with one of its particular facets. 

Acquisition of the Amati cello

Help the Musée de la musique acquire the world’s oldest cello!

The Amati Cello

Created in 1572, the Amati cello can be considered the world’s very first cello. This true masterpiece of instrument-making came from the hands of Andrea Amati, the founding father of the Cremonese school that produced Antonio Stradivari.

Held in a private collection, the Amati cello is now for sale. The French government has classified it as a national treasure. It is the first musical instrument in ten years to be recognised as a work of major interest for France’s national heritage.

Basse AmatiMusée de la musique

The Philharmonie de Paris has opportunity to purchase the Amati cello with a right of pre-emption, which would ensure that it remains in France. It would become part of the national collections at the Musée de la musique, where it would be exhibited to the public for the first time in its history. This would ensure its conservation and that it would be passed on to future generations.

We need your help to make this happen. To bring this extraordinary masterpiece into the collection at the Musée de la musique, we need to raise at least €50,000 before 20 November 2018!


“We must preserve this inestimable treasure so that it can be passed on to future generations.”

Marie-Pauline Martin, Director of the Musée de la musique


Make a donation

Note that 66% of your donation is tax deductible (from French income tax, not to exceed 20% of your taxable income). For example, after the 66% tax deduction, the cost of a €100 donation is €34.

Donation rewards


An official receipt* + Your name on a thank you board at the museum entrance for one year
+ Private access to the Musée de la musique collections including a presentation of the cello by a conservator (for two people)



The previous rewards
+ A one-year pass to the Musée de la musique



The previous rewards
+ Admission to the instrument presentation conference followed by a private concert, in the Amphitheatre (for two people)



The previous rewards
+ Two passes to one of the exhibitions during the 2018-19 season



The previous rewards
+ Meeting and cocktail party with the Museum Direction team after the instrument presentation conference (for two people)



The previous rewards
+ One-year membership to Les Amis de la Philharmonie (for two people)



You receive custom rewards: a Prestige Concert Evening at the Philharmonie, a visit to the Museum with your guests including presentation of the cello by a conservator, your name on cello’s exhibit label, or other benefits can be arranged. Contact us to discuss the possibilities!


Make a donation cheque

*An official receipt for tax purposes, allowing you to deduct 66% of your donation from your French income tax (not to exceed 20% of your taxable income)

Other major projects to support

Démos 3 (2016-2019)

Initiated by the Philharmonie de Paris in 2010 and sponsored by Lilian Thuram, Démos (Dispositif d'éducation musicale et orchestrale à vocation sociale - Socially-oriented musical and orchestral education system) is an outreach programme aimed at children between the ages of 7 and 12 who have never had the opportunity to study and partake in music. The children are organised into symphonic orchestras coordinated by professional musicians and facilitators.

Companies, foundations, individuals: you can play a part in this adventure. Contact us to discuss how you can be associated with this important endeavour. 

Visit Démos website (in French)

Philharmonie des enfants [The Children's Philharmonie]

Opening in 2019.

Educational activities at the Philharmonie de Paris take place in nearly 2000 sq.m. of on-site collective music rooms designed for school groups, families, individuals and other groups, where workshops are led by trained educators. However, our educational dimension also extends far beyond the walls of the Philharmonie, with socially-oriented outreach initiatives such as the Démos children’s choirs.

The future Philharmonie des enfants [The Children’s Philharmonie] will further add to this dimension, providing a fun and interactive space where children can develop their knowledge of music on their own. For children accompanied by their class or family, this intuitive and multi-sensory approach to music will be a first key to the world of sound and music.

Education / Bébé musique [Musical Babies] Project

The Philharmonie de Paris offers a wide range of activities promoting early childhood development for 3-month to 3-year-olds through music. The goal is to focus on the child’s development from the earliest age, and to raise awareness among early childhood professionals and parents about the role of music in children’s education.

The Bébés musique [Musical Babies] project is an educational and scientific experiment (involving fields such as developmental psychology, cognitive psychology and neuroscience) being carried out in a day nursery environment.

Analysing the effects of music on infants’ and toddlers’ acquisition of elements such as sensory awareness, empathy, language and relation to time, will provide educators with accurate tools and help educate the people in daily contact with small children. Indeed, in addition to the scientific aspects, educating nursery workers, early childhood development professionals and parents is an important element of the project.

Accessibility / Boîte à musique [Music Box] Project

Since September 2013, musicians from the Cité de la musique - Philharmonie de Paris Museum of Music have been creating musical moments for hospitalised children and their families, such as collective musical activities, mini-concerts, etc. Experience revealed that these musicians needed tools adapted to the children, whose ages and pathologies vary. Thus, the Museum of Music came up with the idea of a fun, educational and multi-sensory ‘music toolbox’ adapted to a hospital setting, called the Boite à musique [Music Box].

The aim is to disseminate this idea more widely and adapt it to other hospital situations.

Boîte à musique [Music Box] File (PDF)



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Visit the dedicated website of Démos, a cultural democratization project launched and coordinated by the Cité de la musique – Philharmonie de Paris.