The Philharmonie’s foremost ambition is to bring the best musical repertories to the public in spaces designed to magnify the listening experience, but also to enable active appropriation: concerts and shows, exhibitions, workshops, formations, lectures…

With its three concert halls, the Cité de la musique-Philharmonie de Paris hosts musical performances of all kinds, from the most intimate to the truly monumental. Alongside the classical repertoire, the programme includes contemporary popular genres, world music and shows combining music with other forms of art. Based on a number of resident ensembles, its programme also regularly features the most distinguished national and international names.

The Cité de la musique - Philharmonie de Paris also provides a great many opportunities to play music and to explore or enhance the musical knowledge of its visitors. Through teaching tailored to all levels, including absolute beginners, it enables all to experience ensemble playing from all repertoires. Adults can extend their knowledge of music and its creative processes through the many lectures, and there is a pioneering offer specifically designed for younger visitors, including workshops, youth orchestras, musical performances, educational and participatory concerts and much more.

The complex is open all weekend, with new concert formats and attractively-priced activities. Each weekend is organised like a festival around a particular theme. The programme is specifically designed for families, enabling them to enjoy days entirely devoted to music and to benefit from the links between the various concerts and activities.

The Musée de la musique has an exceptional collection of over 7000 instruments and artworks, of which almost 1000 are on public display. Each day, musicians play there and share their love of their instruments with visitors. Exhibitions explore the ties between music and fine arts, film, etc. and how music fits into a specific societal or political context.


Thematic Weekends

Vue du Belvedere

Structured around a specific theme, genre, musician, instrument or geographic area, weekends at the Philharmonie offer the public a fresh take on music and its appreciation : new concert formats, family shows and activities, musical child-care…

Days Off 2020

Days Off


A one-of-a-kind pop festival that combines original creations, novel projects, big names and new talents.

Jazz à la Villette

Jazz à la Villette

4-13 SEPTEMBER, 2020

The event to kickoff the new season covers the entire jazz palette, crossing genre lines to offer a living panorama of this ever-evolving brand of music.
With Eric Legnini, Baptiste Trotignon, Bojan Z & Pierre de Bethmann, Sélène Saint-Aimé, Fatoumata Diawara, Michel Portal, ...

1st Pierre Boulez Biennial

Biennale Pierre Boulez

3-8 SEPTEMBER 2018

This first edition of the Pierre Boulez Biennial, a joint initiative by the Philharmonie and Daniel Barenboim carried out simultaneously in Paris and Berlin, offers a dialogue between his heritage as a musician and the themes of history and creation.

2020-21 Season

Great orchestras, international soloists, projects which shed new light on music, jazz music, pop music and world music as well as three temporary exhibitions. Catch up with 2020-21 Season’s highlights here.

How to come?

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