Musical culture


Whether you have a budding interest in music or have long been a devotee, the Philharmonie College is open to all music lovers looking to enhance their musical culture.

The Cité de la musique - Philharmonie de Paris' College offers a variety of activities for music lovers of all kinds – from the simply curious to confirmed aficionados. The College is a framework for the transmission of knowledge, open to all types of music, from history and heritage to the ‘living music’ of today. Drawing on a wide range of disciplines, such as musicology, literature, philosophy, history, sociology, anthropology, art and film, the College’s interdisciplinary approach interweaves and explores connections between all different domains.

The various activities offered within the College – pre-concert sessions, musical culture cycles, conferences, meetings, and roundtables – allow participants to tap into or expand their field of knowledge, and to share moments of reflection with artists, authors and figures from the intellectual sphere.

Finally, through the College, the Philharmonie affirms its role as an inclusive place of discussion and exchange, a place where ideas are shared and knowledge is enhanced, and a hub for not only musicology but also researchers from all disciplines whose work relates to music. The College coordinates conferences, study days and seminars, in collaboration with research teams, universities, music schools and conservatories from France and abroad.

Activities offered within the college

  • Pre-concert sessions
  • Musical culture cycles
  • Meetings with artists
  • Conferences and roundtables
  • Symposiums, study days and seminars
  • Participative sessions