Visiting the Museum

A trip to the museum is a musical experience! Thanks to free audio guides, visitors can actually hear the instruments they are seeing and discovering. Other visiting aids are also available for families and disabled patrons. Plus, every day at the Museum, a musician performs live and interacts with visitors. Visiting the Museum means exploring its unrivalled collection, discovering unusual instruments, and immersing yourself in the world of composers and their eras, musical cultures from near and far, and fun, interactive modules.

Visite du Musée de la musiqueP. Célarié

Sound Tours at the Museum

Visites de la collection permanenteP-E Rastoin

For individuals and families, a free audio guide immerses visitors in the musical worlds of different eras and provides the audio for the more than 40 films documenting the perspectives of performers, composers, instrument makers and scholars.

The adult sound tour features two categories of listening material: the first introduces each display and provides information on the instruments' context and history, illustrated by musical works from the repertory, and the second allows visitors to hear the sound of the instruments on exhibit. The Museum's audio guides are available in French, English and Spanish.

A sound tour in French and English is also available for children ages 7 to 14. Fun and educational, in under two hours, it brings the instruments and their history to life with stories of composers, instrument makers and even brilliant inventors! Recorded by actors and peppered with musical pieces, this audio guide ensures a visit that is entertaining and full of humour.

Touch Music
In the permanent collection space, the Museum offers an interactive exhibit featuring five instruments that visitors can touch. Accessible to every audience, the 'Touch Music' exhibit offers a fun and multi-sensory approach to the instruments.


This exhibit has received funding from the Orange Foundation and Fonds Handicaps & Société par Intégrance. The audiovisual modules in the Touch Music exhibit were produced thanks to the exclusive patronage of Fondation France Télévisions.

A descriptive audio and sound tour is also available for visually-impaired visitors.

To download the content of the sound tours:

Concert-promenade au Musée de la musiqueW. Beaucardet

Museum Brochures

An itinerary on the theme of music and biodiversity, developed thanks to the French Foundation for Research on Biodiversity, guides the visitor through the Museum with examples illustrating the connections between music and nature. The associated brochure, The Natures of Sound, is distributed free of charge and can also be downloaded:

An activity book, Expedition into the Land of Instruments, is distributed free of charge to children ages 7 and up in the admission area, and can also be downloaded:

Livret-jeu Expédition au pays des instruments du musée de la musiqueF. Mansot et U. Held

Live Music Every Day

Every day, musicians play live music within the permanent collection space and talk with visitors. These artists can be found in the galleries every day from 2 to 5pm. During the summer holidays, educational concerts are held from 3 to 4:30pm.  Concert walks are put on twice a month. The Museum also organises live performances by musicians, storytellers or dancers in connection with the Philharmonie de Paris weekend themes. These concerts and performances are held in the afternoon in various areas of the Museum.

Musicien au Musée

Promenade concerts at the Musée de la musique

Ticket Prices for the Museum

Details on ticket prices for the permanent collection and temporary exhibitions.

Families & children

You wish to awaken the interest of your children, grandchildren, nephews, nieces in music… to give them the opportunity to discover concerts, activities and exhibitions which are rich, varied and suitable for their age-group? You’ve come to the right place. Welcome to the whole family.