Rates for disabled visitors


Concerts and shows

  • Individuals: 20% discount for adults (same for companions)
  • Adult groups: 20% discount
  • Youth groups (under 21): 30% discount
  • Family concerts, family participative concerts, shows for youth: 6€ per person (free for the companion)

Visits and tours of the permanent collection and exhibitions  

  • Self-guided visit of the permanent collection and exhibitions: free for disabled visitors and companions, and for the groups (to be booked in advance).
  • Individuals guided tour: 5€ for disabled visitors (same for companions)
  • Groups guided tour: 60€ per group

Musical practice workshops

  • Individuals: 15% discount off regular price (same for companions)
  • Groups: 60€ (1 or 2 hours) / 90€ (3 hours)

Musical culture

  • Individuals: 15% discount off regular price (same for companions)
Explorer, ressentir, jouer


Ensuring the accommodation and participation of people with disabilities is a core commitment of the Philharmonie de Paris project.

Plan du Grand Paris

How to come?

Prepare your visit to the Cité de la musique - Philharmonie de Paris by following our access recommendations.