Curators & Set Designers

Curators & Set Designers


Christian Fevret

At the same time as studying law and philosophy, Christian Fevret at the age of 22 founded the magazine Les Inrockuptibles, of which he remained editor for twenty-five years. He also founded the festival of the same name, the literary review L’Immature, the monthly journal Volume, as well as conducting many interviews with musicians and artists.


Carole Mirabello

After graduating from the École supérieure de design industriel in Paris, Carole Mirabello began her career as art director. In 2005, she founded her audio-visual production company ‘A Better World’, through which she set out to defend the hard-hitting documentary film. Since 2013, she has been working with Christian Fevret on a number of musical projects.

Velvet ScénographieMatali Crasset

Matali Crasset

A designer and scenographer, Matali Crasset likes to dabble in a variety of fields, from catering to electronic music, arts and crafts and reflections on the city. Challenging the codes that govern our daily lives, in her work she likes to explore issues such as modularity, appropriation, flexibility…

For the exhibition ‘The Velvet Underground - New York Extravaganza’, she offers a proposal solidly rooted in New York’s verticality. The scenography presents us with a sideways glimpse, plays around with iconic symbols, and provides us with plenty of references: from urban architecture to Andy Warhol’s Factory – the ultimate counter-culture reference. We are drawn into a world that becomes a vital, living space within the exhibition, and are invited to look and reflect upon why the spirit and sound of the Velvet Underground feel so contemporary to us?


Nicolas Rouvière

Exhibition design

Velvet Scénographie 2Matali Crasset

Specials thanks to Gerard Malanga, Jonas Mekas & Benn Northover, Esther Robinson, MM Serra, Merill Weiner, Olivier Landemaine, Allan Rothschild, Bruno Juffin, Gery Bouchez & NOD productions.