Alain PlanèsDR
Piano à queue Érard, Paris, 1891, E. 987.9.1, N° de série : 67024C. Germain
Concert on period instruments

Debussy et les maîtres français

Alain Planès

Saturday January 27 2018
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  • Oeuvres de Claude Debussy, Jean-Philippe Rameau et François Couperin
  • Alain Planès
“Debussy drifted off course because he fell from the German frying pan into the Russian fire,” wrote Jean Cocteau in Cock and Harlequin in 1918. He added, “Debussy transposes Claude Monet in the Russian style.” What Cocteau, in his search for a French musical nationalism, regretted and criticized, we hear today as one of the most attractive elements of Debussy’s work.