Ghost dog - Jim JarmuschF. Fontaine
David CoulterMichael B. Johnson
Alex KapranosA. Kapranos
Mulatu AstatkeA. Maryon
Camille O’SullivanS. Powell
Jolie HollandS. Lainez
Sam AmidonFerguson

Jim Jarmusch revisited

avec Mulatu Astatke, Alex Kapranos (Franz Ferdinand), Camille O’Sullivan, Jolie Holland, Sam Amidon

Saturday December 3 2016 to Sunday December 4 2016
Salle des concerts - Cité de la musique
La Salle des concerts de la Cité de la musique
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  • David Coulter
  • Dave Okumu
  • Terry Edwards
  • Steve Nieve
  • Tom Herbert
  • Seb Rochford
  • Carla Pallone
  • Gaspar Claus
  • James Arben
  • Mulatu Astatke
  • Alex Kapranos (Franz Ferdinand)
  • Camille O’Sullivan
  • Jolie Holland
  • Sam Amidon
Jim Jarmusch has said that his films are inspired by music, that the albums he listens to before writing a screenplay give him his ideas and suggest the direction to go in. David Coulter steps inside this musical landscape, coloured by artists such as John Lurie, Mulatu Astatke, and Tom Waits, and of course Sqürl. Audi talents awards