Bertrand Berlin  Bertrand Berlin © Ph. Lebruman
Limited Series

Bertrand Belin

Wednesday June 7 2017 to Friday June 9 2017
Amphithéâtre - Cité de la musique
L'amphithéâtre, Cité de la musique
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  • - La tranchée
  • - Ruine
  • - De corps et d'esprit
  • - Altesse
  • - Le mot juste
  • - Hypernuit
  • - La nation
  • - Ne sois plus
  • - Sur le cul
  • Bertrand Belin
  • Tatiana Mladénovitch
  • Thibault Frisoni
Bertrand Belin is an artist who thrives on different experiences and collaborations. While first and foremost a musician and singer, for many years he has gravitated around theatre, film, and dance as a musician or actor. For this Limited Series at the Amphitheatre, he concocts an original programme, drawing on his wealth of past experiences.