Concerts & shows


The Philharmonie de Paris offers a broad selection of concerts and shows. Our programming draws from not only the classical repertory, but also contemporary and world music, and includes multidisciplinary shows combining music with other art forms. Concerts tailored especially to children are also an important part of our programming.


In addition to its two permanent residents – the Orchestre de Paris and the Ensemble intercontemporain – the Philharmonie also hosts three associate ensembles: the Orchestre de chambre de Paris, the Orchestre national d’Île-de-France and Les Arts Florissants. As a venue, it also has great appeal for the best orchestras, conductors and soloists in the world. Contemporary music is also well-represented in its programming, and the various concert halls on site can accommodate all types of concerts and shows – acoustic or amplified, small-scale or monumental, and shows combining music with other art forms.

Promenade concerts

Promenade Concerts allow musicians, storytellers and dancers to perform in the Museum throughout the afternoon. Organised on the same themes as the Philharmonie weekends, Promenade Concerts enhance the instruments at the Museum and sometimes echo the temporary exhibitions. They are a very pleasant way to explore a musical genre or the work of a certain composer.

Limited Series

The greatest of pop artists make themselves at home in the Philharmonie's intimate Amphitheatre for an exceptional two-to four-evening series, presenting never-before-performed shows and special projects 'on the side' of their usual tours. Limited Series events bring artists and the audience together in a unique setting, where rare and unexpected moments transpire. Don't miss this opportunity to discover another facet of your favourite artists in this more up-close and personal environment.


'Ciné-concerts' are the chance to see (or see again) classic films or more recent releases on the big screen with live musical accompaniment by a symphonic orchestra, jazz ensemble or organist.


The Cité de la musique-Philharmonie de Paris proudly presents some of the biggest names in dance through varied programming including tradition and modernity, intimate performances and large-scale choreographic productions.

Family concerts and shows

Designed to last about an hour, family concerts and shows give children a fun, educational and participatory introduction to musical heritage. Drawing on the symphonic and lyrical repertories, world music and more contemporary works, no area of music is passed over.

Participatory concerts and shows

Participatory concerts are interactive events in which some or all of the audience members are invited to take part in the show after attending one or more preparatory sessions. Whether your prefer singing, dancing or playing an instrument, the Philharmonie de Paris offers a wide variety of events for one and all, whether big or small, novices or skilled amateurs.

2017-2018 Season

The 2017/2018 Season at the Philharmonie de Paris will bring together great orchestras and international soloists, projects which will shed new light on music, and there will be jazz music, pop music and world music as well as three temporary exhibitions. Catch up with highlights here.