Patronage & Partnership

Patronage & Partnership


The Philharmonie de Paris is one of the largest-scale cultural projects of the decade, and emblematic of Greater Paris. Individuals and companies, dabblers, novices and avid music aficionados, lovers of architecture and music — the Philharmonie de Paris opens its doors to you.

The Philharmonie de Paris is a truly innovative facility, and in more ways than one. First, architecturally, the edifice created by Jean Nouvel is in a league all its own. The mineral building that rises up within the Parc de la Villette is not unlike a mountain, complete with a roof that visitors can walk on! In its dimensions as well as its materials, it is a distinctly modern construction.

There is also the 2400-seat symphonic hall that can be physically adapted to different musical genres, enabling diverse programming that will draw a wide range of audiences.

Finally, through its activities, for the Philharmonie is far more than a concert venue. With its educational facilities, rehearsal rooms, exhibition spaces and restaurants, it is designed as a musical ‘living space’ — open to all, during the week and on weekends.

But surely the Philharmonie’s most innovative aspect is its commitment to introducing a wider audience to classical music. We have made it our mission to reach out to younger generations and people from every social background through various music literacy initiatives, so that they can have the experience of attending classical concerts.

Heritage, creation, strength in cohesion and inclusion, a love for sharing, and the transmission of knowledge are the fundamental principles of the Philharmonie.

Companies and individuals, join us in fulfilling the ambitions of this far-reaching cultural project.


Christophe Monin
Directeur du Mécénat et du Développement
01 44 84 46 04

Ombeline Eloy
Responsable du pôle développement du mécénat et parrainage d'entreprises
01 53 38 38 32

Sabrina Cook
Chef de service Offre aux entreprises
01 44 84 46 76

Clara Wagner
Directrice Déléguée aux relations internationales et institutionnelles
01 44 84 47 27

Zoé Macêdo-Roussier
Responsable du mécénat individuel
01 44 84 45 71


Visit the dedicated website of Démos, a cultural democratization project launched and coordinated by the Cité de la musique – Philharmonie de Paris.