Family Concert

Le Grand Wazoo

Ensemble intercontemporain - Matthias Pintscher - Zappa, Varèse

Le Grand WazooLe Grand Wazoo © Jerry Schatzberg/Trunk Archive
Matthias PintscherMatthias Pintscher © Aymeric Warmé
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Saturday, 29 September 2018 — 11:00am
Families, for ages 6+
Salle des concerts - Cité de la musique
Duration: about 1h00


  • Frank Zappa
    Dupree's Paradise
    Naval Aviation in Art?
  • Edgar Varèse
  • Frank Zappa
    The Dog Breath Variations/Uncle Meat (aka Dog/Meat)
    Get Whitey
    G-Spot Tornado


  • Ensemble intercontemporain
  • Matthias Pintscher
  • Clément Lebrun
This concert was imagined as an expedition into the kaleidoscopic mind of Frank Zappa. An intriguing blend of satire, doo-wop, and contemporary music.
Coproduction Ensemble Intercontemporain, Philharmonie de Paris

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