How to contribute From the Friends Association to the Circle of Major Patrons

Welcoming Ukrainian musicians

The Philharmonie de Paris has entrusted the Associate Director of the Kyiv Symphony Orchestra, Anna Stavychenko, with organizing the arrival of Ukrainian musicians. These women were hired as substitutes or additional musicians in several French orchestras.

Since last April, about fifteen musicians, coming from the Kyiv Chamber Orchestra, the Symphony Orchestra of the National Philharmonic of Ukraine, the National Ensemble of soloists Kyivska Camerata, the Odessa Philharmonic Orchestra, the Dnipro Philharmonic Orchestra or the Kharkiv Philharmonic Orchestra, have taken part in selected rehearsals and concerts of the Orchestre de Paris, resident and associate ensembles, and other orchestras in France.

The Association Française des Orchestres (AFO), the Réunion des Opéras de France (ROF) and the professional syndicate Les Forces Musicales spontaneously joined forces with the Philharmonie in order to create a nationwide network of orchestras capable of supporting this initiative.

Many patrons took action in this emergency situation by providing financial and material assistance to welcome and accomodate the musicians and their families.


  • Friends of the Philharmonie de Paris, to help with our day-to-day endeavours (annual donation of €250 to €5000): as a member of the Friends Association, you enjoy advantages such as special ticket prices / conditions and member-only activities such as rehearsals, exclusive cocktail parties and discussions, participation to an annual music trip.
    Learn more about the Friends of the Philharmonie
  • Circle of Major Patrons, to play an integral role in the Philharmonie’s major aspirations, hand in hand with its leadership (annual donation from €15,000): you take part in strategic reflections on the Philharmonie and music trips designed exclusively for your Circle;
  • Philharmonie de Paris Foundation – Wherever you are in the world, your support for our long-term projects can qualify for tax benefits: donations are tax deductible in a number of countries (Europe and United States, see conditions in force) thanks to systems such as TGE (Transnational Giving Europe).


Démos is a cultural democratization project supported by the Philharmonie de Paris since 2010. It is dedicated to children aged 7 to 12 from neighbourhoods covered by the city policy or from rural areas with insufficient cultural institutions. Demos entrusts these children with a musical instrument for three years. Gathered in symphony orchestras in their area, supervised by professional musicians and social workers, the children discover the pleasure of playing together. Each year, they present the results of their work to the general public at an annual concert at the Philharmonie de Paris, or in the regions.

Lilian Thuram and Khatia Buniatishvili are the patrons of Démos.

There are currently 50 Demos orchestras in operation throughout France, representing over 5,000 young musicians!

More about Démos 

There are different ways to support Démos: make a micro-donation when you buy concert tickets; make a one-off donation; make a monthly donation; become a member of the Cercle Démos; participate in the Donate to Démos campaigns...
Every donation counts to help us equip young Démos musicians with musical instruments!

I make a donation to Démos 

Make a donation by cheque to Démos

Companies, foundations and individuals can contribute to this adventure: contact us to imagine how you can be associated with this beautiful project!

The Philharmonie de Paris Foundation Ensuring good stewardship of your contribution

By supporting the Foundation, you make an important contribution not only for spectators today, but also for future audiences. The Philharmonie de Paris Foundation supports long-term initiatives in four key areas:

  • musical excellence, to preserve one of the Philharmonie’s core values;
  • musical heritage, through the exceptional collection at the Museum of Music;
  • reaching new audiences and the broadest possible population, through educational actions;
  • supporting young talents, to help the next generation of musicians emerge.

In 2016, the Philharmonie de Paris Foundation made possible the creation of one of the new Démos orchestras.

If you wish to make a contribution with long-lasting and decisive impact, the Philharmonie de Paris is also accredited to receive bequests and legacy donations.

In France, donations to the Philharmonie de Paris Foundation are 75% deductible from the tax on capital IFI (property wealth tax).

The Philharmonie thanks you

The Cité de la Musique - Philharmonie de Paris would like to thank all of its special patrons: Major Patrons, Major Donors of the Cercle Démos, Friends of the Philharmonie de Paris and donors of crowdfunding campaigns. Thanks to them, we are deploying ever more ambitious and creative initiatives!


Musique en scène fouding sponsor
Madame Aline Foriel Destezet

Founding Sponsors
Patricia Barbizet, Alain Rauscher, Philippe Stroobant

Main Patrons
Maryse and Thierry Aulagnon, Jean Bouquot, Véronique and Antoine Le Bourgeois, Catherine and Marc Litzler, Maddalena and Xavier Marin, Joséphine de Bodinat-Moreno and Xavier Moreno, Ghislaine and Frédéric Sanchez

Major Patrons
Yves Pépin, Claire Tranchimand.

Patron Ambassadors
Pascal Abensour, Olivier Belze, Olivier Blat, Gilles Boissonnet, Bernard Bourdier, Marie-Germaine Bousser, Jean-Marc Daillance, Adeline de Jaeghere, Frédéric Dufal, Françoise Fournier, Philippe Gallet, Cyril Germain, Olivier Huby, Marie-Laure and Hubert Jousset, William Kadouch-Chassaing, Edith Doucet and Stéphane Keita, Susan Lindsay, Maryvonne Pinault, Judith Pisar, Christine and Éric Raynaud, Guillaume Rouger, Ashley Rountree, Claudine Théodore, François-Xavier Villemin.

Démos Circle

Pascal Abensour, Anne-Marie et Éric Bachelet, Gilles Boissonnet, Thérèse Bauer, Olivier Blat, Marie-Germaine Bousser, Jean-Claude Champossin, Isabelle et Jean-Pierre Cojan, Marie-Noëlle et Emmanuel de Boisgrollier, Adeline de Jaeghere, Étienne de Laharpe, Guy Dogimont, Frédéric Dufal, Mary Duffy, Alain Dumont, Francine et François Farhi, Jacques Fournier, Philippe Gallet, Nicky Gentil, Catherine Ollivier et François Gerin, Nicolas Hubert, Martine Jacot-Denis, Marie-Laure et Hubert Jousset, Edith Doucet et Stéphane Keita, Marie-Aude Lacour, Delphine Lafarge, Véronique et Antoine Le Bourgeois, Susan Lindsay, Catherine et Marc Litzler, Hélène et Jacques Massot, Richard Maugé, Joséphine et Xavier Moreno, Sylvie Navellou, Jean-Philippe Pagès et Guillaume Robigault, Maryvonne Pinault, Laurette et Bruno Prigent, Alain Rauscher, Christine et Éric Raynaud, Jean-Philippe Saint-Geours, Ghislaine et Frédéric Sanchez, Jean-Marc Solignac, Philippe Stroobant, Claudine Théodore, Claire Tranchimand, Anne Vergnaud, Anne-Sylvie Visseur-Vauclair, Danielle Wajsbrot.


Friends of the Philharmonie de Paris Association


François Brouat, Jean-François Debrois, Elisabeth de Rothschild, Julien Dubois, Sylvain et Angeline Guyoton, Alice et Jeremy Haddak, Laurent Lotteau, Valérie Meeus, Ishtar Méjanès, Nils Mengin, Sylvie Moreau et Dominique Miellet, Cyrille Niedzielski, Michel Perricaudet, Claude Prigent, Guillaume Rouger, Laurence Tafanel, Philippe Villin                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              


Jad Ariss, Jean-Daniel Augiron et Joanna Chojnacka, , Eliot Baudoin, Monique Behrend, Henri Bieder, Jean-François Boulet, François et Irina Bournerias, Christian Broches, Laurent Cabanès, Florence Chaveneau, Claude Cohen, Bastien Daniel, Anne-Marie de Camas, Laurent Doubrovine, Clémence Durvye, Jacques Dutronc, Madeleine Erbs, Stéphane Eustache, Louise Fauduet, Hortense et Jérôme Gallois, Baptiste et Svetlana Gelpi, Victor Grandguillaume, Bernard Guedj, Eve Icole, Sophie Hourdouillie, Pierre Leroy, Gonzague Leruth, Danielle Lipman W. Boccara, Paolo Mangiagalli, Didier Martin, Simon Marquet, Jacques Merceron-Vicat, Françoise Montenay, Marcela Montes de Oca, Claude Nordman, Xavier Noury, Adrien Ollat, Aldric Ortmans, Jean-François Pautrot, Jean-Philippe Ricard, Bertrand Schmitt, Jean Ruscio, Tarja Terrail, Christian Toquard, Charles-Eduard Van Rossum, Laurent Verbouwe and Nicolas Bernard                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

giving for DÉMOS

The Philharmonie de Paris thanks the 3,082 donors of the Donnons pour Démos 2020-21 campaign. Their donations will make it possible to equip 16 new Demo orchestras with musical instruments.

Discover the list of donors

Thanks to the generosity of 545 donors, the Philharmonie de Paris was able to acquire a National Treasure to join the collection of the Musée de la musique in July 2020: Andrea Amati's bass violin, made in 1572 by this founder of the school of violin making in Cremona, precursor of Antonio Stradivari. Thank you to each of you for your trust and support!

List of donors to the Amati cello acquisition campaign
Luthiers de demain sponsoring campaign