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Anima (ex)musica

From September 15, 2023 to January 7, 2024

Created by the Tout reste à faire collective, a dozen giant insects composed entirely of pieces of disused musical instruments are placed along the visitors’ route through the Musée de la musique, in interesting resonance with the collection.



From October 5, 2023 to January 7, 2024

A Real Madrid soccer match filmed by 17 cameras all focused on the figure of Zidane, while also capturing the poetic sounds of the stadium. This installation by Douglas Gordon and Philippe Parreno opens the Olympic season of the Philharmonie de …


En Amour

From February 9 to August 25, 2024

The Musée de la musique gives carte blanche to the duo Adrien M & Claire B. The installation En amour, a cross between live performance and digital art, invites the public to choreograph an intimate dance, accompanied by a new composition by Laurent …



From April 4 to September 29, 2024

Acoustic saturation, voices from beyond the grave, mythic instruments and apocalyptic images... For the first time in France, a major exhibition tells the story of the metal movement, a telluric interchange of music, popular culture, contemporary arts and …