Family Concert

Les fables de La Fontaine

Fred Pallem - Le Sacre du Tympan

fablesfables © Élisa Géhin
Fred PallemFred Pallem © Sylvain Gripoix

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Saturday, 20 February 2021 — 6:00pm
Sunday, 21 February 2021 — 11:00am
Sunday, 21 February 2021 — 4:30pm
for ages 6+, Families
Salle des concerts - Cité de la musique


  • Le Sacre du tympan
  • Fred Pallem, musical conducting
  • & invités, récitants
A free spirit in the French music scene, whose iconoclastic creativity seems to know no bounds, Fred Pallem blithely transfigures the Fables of La Fontaine.