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Luz et les Sonidos

Orchestre de Paris - Joanna Natalia Ślusarczyk - Beethoven
Family Concert
for ages 6+
Salle des concerts - Cité de la musique
Duration: about 1h00



Extraits des symphonies de Ludwig van Beethoven
Orchestre de Paris
Joanna Natalia Ślusarczyk , conducting, lauréate la Maestra
Camera Lucida , images

The fabulous adventure of a little girl, Luz, plunged deep into the world of instruments and their mysteries. Families follow along on this journey, discovering Luz’s other companions—the ‘Sonidos’ with their changing colours and Beethoven’s Symphonies!

In the tradition of stories introducing orchestral music like Piccolo and Sax and Peter and the Wolf, Luz and Sonidos is a musical and visual show for the whole family. Eight-year-old Luz finds herself immersed in the mysterious and colourful land of the orchestra, where she encounters the Sonidos—tiny, glowing creatures, like fireflies, who change colour depending on the different instrument families. Plunged deep into an orchestra-landscape that becomes an ocean or a volcano, Luz in turn visits a violin, a horn and an oboe; becomes a boat captain, a cave explorer and a ghost; and above all discovers an extraordinary universal cultural treasure: Beethoven’s nine Symphonies! After a preparatory workshop, Luz and Sonidos offers its audience a unique and enchanting musical and visual experience, with a poetic mix of animation and ‘real’ immersion into the complexity of the orchestra.

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Salle des concerts - Cité de la musique

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