Performance Concert

La Tentation des Pieuvres

Maguelone Vidal - Claudius Tortorici

Maguelone VidalMaguelone Vidal © Marc Ginot
La tentation des pieuvresLa tentation des pieuvres © Romuald Ducros
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Sunday, 16 December 2018 — 4:00pm
Sunday, 16 December 2018 — 9:00pm
Le Studio - Philharmonie
Duration: about 2h00


  • Maguelone Vidal
  • Claudius Tortorici
  • Christian Zanési
  • Didier Petit
  • Philippe Foch
  • Emmanuelle Debeusscher
  • Emmanuel Duchemin
  • Laïs Foulc
  • Emilie Rousset
Have you ever thought of combining music and gastronomy? This flavourful creation from Miguelone Vidal brings together the gestures of cooking and electroacoustic music. And at the end, the public will get to enjoy the delicious fruits of his creative labour…