Symphonic Concert

Orchestre de Paris - Philip Glass / Steve Reich

D’après David Bowie et Radiohead - George Jackson, direction

Orchestre de ParisOrchestre de Paris © Mathias Benguigui
George JacksonGeorge Jackson © Tim Dunk
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Thursday, 2 July 2020 — 8:00pm
Grande salle Pierre Boulez - Philharmonie


  • Steve Reich
    Radio Rewrite
    Première française
    Music for Ensemble and Orchestra
    Première française
  • Philip Glass
    Symphonie n°1 "Low"


  • Orchestre de Paris
  • George Jackson, conducting
Philip Glass and Steve Reich will not be present at this concert.

For its first time taking part in Days Off, the Orchestre de Paris presents a specially selected programme juxtaposing two American minimalists, Philip Glass and Steve Reich, with two major figures in pop, David Bowie and Radiohead.

While pop has often been inspired by contemporary music, particularly minimalist composers, the compliment does go both ways. In 1992, Philip Glass chose the album Low—a 1976 collaboration between David Bowie and Brian Eno—as inspiration when composing his first symphony. The songs ‘Subterraneans’, ‘Some Are’ and ‘Warszawa’ are the ferment in the three movements of this Symphony No. 1 ‘Low’—all the nuances of which will be brought out in this rendering by the Orchestre de Paris. In 2012, it was Steve Reich’s turn to borrow from pop, making liberal use of elements from two Radiohead songs—‘Jigsaw Falling into Place’ and ‘Everything in Its Right Place’—in composing the five movements of his sharp and animated piece Radio Rewrite. The programme also includes the French debut of Music for Ensemble and Orchestra, the work marking Steve Reich’s return to orchestral composition, enthusiastically received at its world premiere in Los Angeles in 2018. A must-see concert, especially with the parisian orchestra being conducted by young English conductor George Jackson, at ease in registers ranging from opera to contemporary music.


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Subterraneans (Part.01). Philip Glass David Bowie Brian Eno

Steve Reich - Radio Rewrite: I. Fast