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Thursday, 4 July 2019 — 8:00pm
Grande salle Pierre Boulez - Philharmonie
Duration: about 2h35 with 1 intermission


  • H-Burns
  • Cat Power
The American singer unveils her gorgeous new album, Wanderer.

For almost a quarter century, since 1995, Chan Marshall—the artist we know as Cat Power—has been a major voice in modern-day folk and an indomitable figure in the American indie scene. Originally from Atlanta, she is an eternal nomad, criss-crossing from New York to Portland, etc.; it is thus no accident that her latest album—which came out last October after a five-year hiatus—is called Wanderer. Her raw timbre, innate sense of ghostly orchestrations, and unvarnished lyrics lend her albums and concerts a quality of breath-taking promise, engaging all the senses in a ballet of emotions like no other. While she has transcended strict genre lines with forays into soul and rock, it is in her signature dusky ambiance that we like her best and especially on the stage, where she does not hold back.  

Opening act: H-Burns
French singer-songwriter Renaud Brustlein, the man behind H-Burns, clearly speaks the same language as the greats of an America genre . With a first album dedicated to Johnny Cash and a career marked by the influence of Pavement, Smog, Elliott Smith and Kurt Vile, he has clearly earned his stripes among folk rockers  who wear their heart on a sleeve, simultaneously placing Isère on the map in the global scene, with the support of producers Steve Albini and Rob Schnapf. However, his phenomenal seventh album Midlife he produced on his own, conceiving it—as the name suggests—as a taking stock, as heartfelt and musically rich as the soundtrack of a life, and reflecting the same obsessions and wonders.



Cat Power - Woman (feat. Lana Del Rey)

H-Burns - Crazy Ones

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