Piano Marathon

Avec Grandbrothers, Vanessa Wagner & Murcof, Bruce Brubaker, Fabrizio Rat, LAAKE, Tom Rogerson, Laurent Durupt & Trami Nguyen

GrandbrothersGrandbrothers © Tonje Thilesen
Vanessa Wagner & MurcofVanessa Wagner & Murcof © Pierre Terdiman
Bruce BrubakerBruce Brubaker © Yang Bao
Fabrizio RatFabrizio Rat © DR
LAAKELAAKE © Gilles Mille
Tom RogersonTom Rogerson © Mathew Parri Thomas
Trami Nguyen & Laurent DuruptTrami Nguyen & Laurent Durupt © Fanny Castaing / Marikel Lahana
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Friday, 6 July 2018 — 7:00pm
Salle des concerts - Cité de la musique
Echoing the presence of Nils Frahm at Days Off, a major highlight of the 2018 edition, a “festival within the festival” has been organised on the theme of the piano and its multiple extensions, bringing together some of the most innovative artists in the milieu today. During the Piano Marathon, composers and musicians will take possession of different parts of the Cité de la musique—the Concert Hall, the Rue Musicale, the Amphitheatre, and the Museum—filling them with a thrilling range of nonstop piano music from 7pm until 1am. Visitors making their way through these spaces may stumble by surprise upon Steve Reich’s Piano Phase—to be performed several times throughout the evening by Trami Nguyen and Laurent Durupt—or find Bruce Brubaker playing on a collection instrument at the Museum of Music. French keyboardist Raphaël Beau, known as LAAKE, and the Italian Fabrizio Rat will turn orthodox recital codes on their heads with programmes including both electronic and acoustic works. As will the stars of the splendid Statea, a hybridisation of classical and popular music by Mexican producer Murcof and French piano virtuoso Vanessa Wagner, who have boldly and deftly applied their cross-genre approach to the repertoires of Erik Satie, John Cage, and Aphex Twin. English experimental pianist Tom Rogerson, who collaborated with Brian Eno on an album of piano four hands (and machines), and the Düsseldorf-based Swiss and German duo, Grandbrothers, will compete the programme with their heady, hypnotic melodies.



Grandbrothers - Bloodflow

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