GoGo Penguin / Portico Quartet / Knower

GoGo PenguinGoGo Penguin © L. Bujoli
Portico QuartetPortico Quartet © D. Bellamy
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Saturday, 8 September 2018 — 8:00pm
Grande Halle de La Villette


  • Knower
  • Genevieve Artadi, singer
  • Rai Thisthlethwayte, keyboard
  • Jacob Mann, keyboard
  • Sam Wilkes, bass
  • Louis Cole, drum kit
  • Portico Quartet
  • Jack Wyllie, saxophone, keyboard
  • Kerr Vine, drum kit, keyboard, hang
  • Milo Fitzpatrick, bass
  • Duncan Bellamy, drum kit
  • GoGo Penguin
  • Chris Illingworth, piano
  • Nick Blacka, doublebass
  • Rob Turner, drum kit
Free standing
Full rate : 31€ / Subscription rate: 26€*
1/ Knower
A futuristic electro-pop duo borrowing vocabulary and harmony from contemporary jazz, Knower is truly in a league of its own, straight from LA. Embarking upon their international career, they are likely to make a strong impression with French audiences, unaccustomed to such extravagant combos!

2/ Portico Quartet
After an electronica break, Portico Quartet recalls our sweet memories of their first two albums, released at the end of the 2000s. This is excellent news for fans of the London-based British group whose signature instrument is the Hang.

3/ Gogo Penguin
The Manchester-based trio Gogo Penguin continues its exploration of jazz, ambient electronica, pop and minimalism with their fourth album, A Humdrum Star. This must-hear ensemble from the new British scene has already drawn a strong following.

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