Le Bal de Jazz à la Villette

avec le Umlaut Big Band

Bal de Jazz à la VilletteBal de Jazz à la Villette © Avatam studio
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Sunday, 1 September 2019 — 4:30pm
Grande Halle de La Villette


  • Elmer Schoebel / Arr. Don Redman
    Spanish Shawl
  • Jay Gorney – Owen Murphy / Arr. Don Redman
    He's the Hottest Man in Town
  • Elmer Schoebel / Arr. Don Redman
  • King Oliver – Louis Armstrong / Arr. Don Redman
    Sugar Foot Stomp
  • Joseph Russell Robinson / Arr. Fud Livingston
  • Jack Palmer – Fletcher Henderson / Arr. Harold Arlen
  • Fletcher Henderson – Patty Carroll – Ken Macomber/ Arr. Don Redman
    Rocky Mountain Blues
  • Duke Ellington
    Take It Easy
  • Dorothy Fields – Jimmy McHugh – Dan Healy / Duke Ellington
    Harlem River Quiver
  • Duke Ellington
    Black Beauty
  • Duke Ellington – Harry Carney – Irving Mills / Arr. Ellington
    Rockin' In Rhythm
  • Dorothy Fields – Jimmy McHugh / Arr. Ellington
    Arabian Lover
  • Vitor Young – Will J. Harris / Arr. Redman
    Sweet Sue (Just You)
  • Mary Lou Williams
    Messa Stomp
  • Benny Carter
    Scandal in A Flat
  • Duke Ellington
  • Harry B. Smith – Francis Wheeler – Ted Snyder / Arr. Redman
    The Sheik of Araby
  • Morton–Roppolo–Mares–Melrose/ Arr. Redman
    Milenberg Joys
  • Benny Carter
    Symphony in Riffs
    Takin' My Time
  • Alexander Tsfasman
    Jolly Walk
  • Duke Ellington
    The New Birmingham Breakdown
  • Spencer Williams / Arr. Redman
  • Don Redman
    Mickey Finn
    Chant Of the Weed
    More Dort
    Flight of the Jitterbug
    Just An Old Manuscript
  • Tadd Dameron
  • Don Redman
    Auld Lang Syne
  • Mary Lou Williams
    Mary's Idea
  • Horace Henderson
    Big John's Special


  • Umlaut Big Band
  • Pierre-Antoine Badaroux, musical conducting, alto saxophone
  • Bastien Weeger, alto saxophone, clarinet
  • Geoffroy Gesser, saxophone ténor, clarinet
  • Pierre Borel, saxophone ténor, clarinet
  • Benjamin Dousteyssier, alto saxophone, saxophone baryton, saxophone basse
  • Brice Pichard, trumpet
  • Louis Laurain, trumpet
  • Gabriel Levasseur, trumpet
  • Fidel Fourneyron, trombone
  • Michaël Ballue, trombone
  • Romain Vuillemin, guitar, banjo
  • Matthieu Naulleau, piano
  • Sébastien Beliah, doublebass
  • Antonin Gerbal, drum kit
An outdoor dance to relive the ambiance of the 1920s and 1930s, when people of all ages came out to swing. With communicative jubilation, the Umlaut Big Band—an orchestra of young French virtuosos—recreates this fun and festivity for the whole family.


Entretien avec Pierre-Antoine Badaroux (Umlaut Big Band)

Jazz à la Villette

4-13 SEPTEMBER, 2020

The event to kickoff the new season covers the entire jazz palette, crossing genre lines to offer a living panorama of this ever-evolving brand of music.
With Eric Legnini, Baptiste Trotignon, Bojan Z & Pierre de Bethmann, Roberto Fonseca, Fatoumata Diawara, Michel Portal, ...