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Sunday, 8 March 2020 — 5:00pm
Salle des concerts - Cité de la musique
Duration: about 1h50 with 1 intermission


  • Steve Reich
    Music for pieces of wood
    Mallet Quartet
    Drumming (Part 1)
  • Bryce Dessner
    Music for Wood and Strings


  • Eric Cha-Beach, percussion
  • Josh Quillen, percussion
  • Adam Sliwinski, percussion
  • Jason Treuting, percussion
The adventurous and highly celebrated New York quartet So Percussion presents three pieces by Steve Reich alongside a unique piece by Bryce Dessner that features an instrument specially invented for the composition.


Steve Reich : Drumming - So Percussion
Steve Reich : Mallet Quartet -So Percussion
Bryce Dessner : Music for Wood and Strings - Bryce Dessner & So Percussion
Steve Reich : Music for Pieces of Wood - Samuel Favre, Gilles Durot, Arnaud Boukhitine, Emmanuelle Ophèle, Éric-Maria Couturier (claves)

So Percussion: The Keyboard Reimagined

So Percussion: Dessner "Music For Wood and Strings"