Éliane Radigue - Occam Océan

Ensemble Dedalus

Éliane RadigueÉliane Radigue © Linda Bujoli | Call To Light Studio
Ensemble DedalusEnsemble Dedalus © Christophe Chaverou
Ensemble DedalusEnsemble Dedalus © Christophe Chaverou
Friday, 20 March 2020 at 8:30pm

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Friday, 20 March 2020 — 8:30pm
Le Studio - Philharmonie


  • Eliane Radigue
    Hepta I, pour ensemble
    Occam River II, pour violon et violoncelle
    Occam XIII, pour basson


  • Ensemble Dedalus
  • Cyprien Busolini, viola
  • Thierry Madiot, trombone
  • Christian Pruvost, trumpet
  • Silvia Tarozzi, violin
  • Dafne Vicente Sandoval, bassoon
  • Deborah Walker, cello
  • Didier Aschour, guitar
The Ensemble Dedalus shines the spotlight on Eliane Radique, a great figure in modern French music whose fascinating work defies all labels, performing three of her works for acoustic instruments.

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