Ghost-Note / Kenny Garrett Quintet / Tony Allen "The Source"

Ghost-NoteGhost-Note © Keith Griner
Kenny GarrettKenny Garrett © Jimmy Katz
Tony AllenTony Allen © Bernard Benant
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Saturday, 31 August 2019 — 8:00pm
Grande Halle de La Villette


  • Tony Allen
    Bad Roads
    On Fire
    Wolf eats Wolf
    Push and Pull
    Cool Cats
  • Kenny Garrett
    Backyard Groove
    Sing A Song Of Song
    Do Your Dance !
    Happy People
    J'Ouvert (Homage To Sonny Rollins)
    Wayne's Thang


  • Tony Allen "The Source"
  • Tony Allen, drum kit
  • Nicolas Giraud, trumpet
  • Yann Jankielewicz, saxophone
  • Jean-Philippe Dary, piano
  • Claude "Indy" Dibongue, guitar
  • Mathias Allamane, doublebass
  • Kenny Garrett Quintet
  • Kenny Garrett, alto saxophone, soprano saxophone
  • Vernell Brown, piano
  • Corcoran Holt, bass
  • Samuel Laviso, drum kit
  • Rudy Bird, percussion
  • Ghost-Note
  • Robert ‘Sput’ Searight, drum kit
  • Nate Werth, percussion
  • Dwayne 'Mononeon' Thomas, bass
  • Peter Knudsen, guitar
  • Vaughn Henry, keyboard
  • Jonathan Mones, alto saxophone, flute
  • nn , saxophone ténor, flute
From the afrobeat rhythms of drummer Tony Allen, to the post-bop and calypso brio of alto saxophonist Kenny Garrett and precision funk of Ghost-Note, an evening of jazz infused with today’s urban culture, bringing together true masters of groove.
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