Cheick Tidiane Seck "Tribute to Randy Weston" feat. Archie Shepp

1ère partie : Arnaud Dolmen

Cheick Tidiane SeckCheick Tidiane Seck © DR
Archie SheppArchie Shepp © Monette Berthomier
Arnaud DolmenArnaud Dolmen © Alexandre Lacombe
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Thursday, 5 September 2019 — 8:00pm
Salle des concerts - Cité de la musique
Duration: about 2h30 with 1 intermission


  • 1ère partie: Arnaud Dolmen
  • 2ème partie: Cheick Tidiane Seck "Tribute to Randy Weston" feat. Archie Shepp
  • Randy Weston
    Blue Moses (Rhodes)
    African Cookbook
    In memory of
  • Cheikh Tidiane Seck
  • Randy Weston
    Niger Mambo
  • Archie Shepp
    Mama Rose
  • Randy Weston
    Blue Moses (piano)
  • Cheikh Tidiane Seck
    Mr. Randy


  • Arnaud Dolmen
  • Arnaud Dolmen , drum kit
  • Adrien Sanchèz, saxophone
  • Leonardo Montana, piano
  • Zacharie Abraham, doublebass
  • Cheick Tidiane Seck "Tribute to Randy Weston" feat. Archie Shepp
  • Archie Shepp, saxophone
  • Cheick Tidiane Seck, Hammond organ, piano, Fender-Rhodes piano, moog
  • Yizih Yode , saxophone
  • Mohamed Hafsi, doublebass
  • Marque Gilmore, drum kit
  • Adama Dembele, percussion
Randy Weston leaves behind a transatlantic legacy interweaving jazz and Afro-Maghreb traditions, music celebrated here by Cheick Tidiane Seck of Les Ambassadeurs and free jazz hero Archie Shepp. Guadeloupean drummer Arnaud Dolmen’s quartet will open the evening with a repertoire blending Gwoka and New York influences.


Cheick Tidiane Seck - EPK Guerrier

Arnaud Dolmen - Experience One

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