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Récital piano - Grande salle Pierre BoulezRécital piano - Grande salle Pierre Boulez © William Beaucardet / Philharmonie de Paris
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Saturday, 17 September 2016 — 3:00pm
Amphithéâtre - Cité de la musique


  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
    Fantaisie en ut mineur, K.475
  • Robert Schumann
  • Franz Liszt
    Sonate en si mineur


  • Varvara , piano
Contrary to his custom, Liszt gave neither programme nor suggestive title to his B minor Sonata. It has many times been noted however that there are within it, echos of the Faustian myth, which the composer was particularly absorbed by at the time of its composition.

To prepare your visit and facilitate checks related to « Vigipirate » (France's national security alert system) reinforced at the Philharmonie de Paris, please arrive early.


Sonate, "Piano Sonata in B Minor", S. 178: IV. Allegro energico – Più mosso
Fantasia In c Minor, K. 475
Fantasia in Do Magg, Op. 17: Durchaus phantastisch und leidenschaftlich vorzutragen - Im lebhaften Tempo - Im Legendenton - Erstes Tempo
Suite HWV 441 G major - Menuetto