Piano Recital

Urban Brahms

Nima Sarkechik

Mina Sarkechik     Mina Sarkechik © G.Guegan
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Saturday, 1 October 2016 — 7:00pm
Le Studio - Philharmonie


  • Johannes Brahms
    Intégrale des oeuvres pour piano
  • En alternance avec des performances de :
  • Benjamin Moussay, piano jazz
  • RV6K, danse hip-hop
  • Leelu Wan, danse hip-hop
  • Kane Wung, danse hip-hop
  • Kaori Ito, danse contemporaine
  • Jigsaw, danse krump
  • Arash Sarkechik, DJ
  • Ekis, graffeur


  • Nima Sarkechik
A dialogue between Brahms’s piano music given in its entirety by Nima Sarechik during the course of this all-night concert and artists from other musical backgrounds, but also from dance and urban art.
En partenariat avec Le Triton


Scherzo in E-Flat Minor, Op. 4