Matthieu Chedid / Martin Parr

Salle des concerts - configuration à l'italienneSalle des concerts - configuration à l'italienne © P.E Rastoin
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Tuesday, 4 October 2016 — 8:30pm
Salle des concerts - Cité de la musique


  • Première partie : Martin Parr (se) raconte - My life in (motion) picture
  • Deuxième partie : - MMM - CHEDID M PARR


  • Martin Parr
  • Matthieu Chedid, guitar, singer, bass drum
  • Pierre Boscheron, électroacoustique
To kick off the MMM exhibition featuring the music of Matthieu Chedid (with sound arrangements by Pierre Boscheron) and the photography of Martin Parr, the two artists combine forces in a unique live experience. Against the backdrop of photos from the exhibition projected onto a large screen, the artist known as -M- offers an electrifying musical improvisation.

What charmed Matthieu Chedid (alias -M-) in the work of Martin Parr was 'a combination of aesthetics, derision, kindness and tenderness'. So it is not surprising that -M-, a musician with a highly visual universe of his own, asked the British photographer to work with him on a project for both the eyes and the ears. Alongside their exhibition entitled MMM (for 'Matthieu aime Martin' [Mathieu loves Martin] and vice versa), which features the fruit of their collaboration over the past two years, the duo continue their artistic dialogue with a unique live event. Martin Parr begins with a discussion of his creative process, and is then joined on stage by -M- for a musical improvisation against a backdrop of projected photos, supported by the sound arrangements of Pierre Boscheron. Matthieu Chedid creates musical images—the audio translation of the emotions evoked by the photography of Martin Parr— in a dialogue between artists that is both tender and funny.

To prepare your visit and facilitate checks related to « Vigipirate » (France's national security alert system) reinforced at the Philharmonie de Paris, please arrive early.

MMM Mathieu Chedid meets Martin Parr

OCTOBER 14, 2016 TO JANUARY 29, 2017

This exhibition sets over 500 photographs by Martin Parr into a musical environment created by Matthieu Chedid, a musician with his own distinct visual universe. Visitors wander freely through a scenography that leads them into a true sensory experience.