As home to one of the world’s finest collections of musical instruments, and recognised for its extensive museum, music, and audio-visual expertise, the Philharmonie is a valued international partner.

The temporary exhibitions at the Philharmonie de Paris combine artworks, musical instruments, costumes, and interactive elements, offering visitors an immersive journey into the world of music.

— Musée de la musique - travelling exhibitions © DR

The Museum and Philharmonie hold 3 exhibitions a year, all of which focus on music.

Each time, we look at 3 different musical aspects. We take a close look at iconic personalities, from singing, rock, modern or classical music. There have been major exhibitions on Beethoven, Miles Davis...
Secondly, we showcase interaction between music and fine arts.
We believe that you listen better and understand better when music interacts with other arts.
Finally, we look at major musical trends, electronic music, of course, jazz...
When an exhibition travels, first, we adapt it with the new venue so that it corresponds to the physical location,to local culture, and the venue's distinct issues and orientation.
We now develop reduced exhibition formats like the Chaplin exhibition, for which there's a 200 m2 version presented at Chaplin's World in Vevey, Switzerland.
What's essential in choosing to exhibit at the Philharmonie de Paris' Musée de la musique is our expertise in making music a visual experience.
We reflect on different audio devices for each exhibition, either audio guides, or plug-and-play, that allow visitors to listen on demand, connecting them to the idea of dialogue between the music and a particular painting or visual creation. Electro, the Summer 2019 exhibition, was very different, with a score by Laurent Garnier, a 6-hour loop, played live for 6 hours, very loud, throughout the exhibition space, demonstrating the ecstatic nature of electronic music.