Conservation and research

Conservation and research

At the heart of the Musée de la musique, researchers and conservers use their skills in service of the national collection and the French museums network. The team assures conservation of all works, research and diffusion of their knowledge and expertise to their public, both music enthusiasts and professionals.

The decree 95-1300 of December 19th, 1995 concerning the creation of the public establishment the Cité de la Musique, included, as a central part of the project, the transfer of the management of the national collections of the Musée de la musique, to come under the responsibility of the National Superior Conservatory of Music (CNSM). It gave them “an advisory and organisational role in the management of the network of public collections within the musical domain” and specified that the body “have at their availability a laboratory for research and restoration of instruments”.

Today the museum’s conservation and research team combines human and physical sciences to enhance knowledge, conservation and restoration of musical instruments. Its research activity forms a part of the field of study of material and cultural history of this particular object, both work of art and technical object in the service of a non-material art.

Its research themes follow the study of the materials, structures and musical operations of the instruments as well as their evolutions. They also aim to re-situate the objects in their historical, social and artistic context in order to have a global approach to the instrument. These studies thus allow us to perceive and present the instrument through several skill-fields and find their direct application in the conception and the implementation of conservation choices, particularly in that which concerns maintaining it in a playable state.