General terms and conditions for professional access to the Musée de la musique collections

Access to the museum’s original collections is reserved for researchers and professionals having submitted a substantiated request stating the subject of the research.
Approved viewings are conducted by appointment, in the presence of a museum representative (from the Conservation department or the Research and Restoration Laboratory).
Research readings, measurements and photographs are allowed insofar as they do not pose a risk to the integrity of the musical instrument. Any measurement device, tool or examination method must be approved by the museum representative prior to any use on the museum object.
These research readings, measurements and photographs are solely for private and gratuitous personal use by the beneficiary and not for any collective or commercial use. Any other use of the photographs, readings, measurements, etc. for any purpose whatsoever must be requested in writing from the director of the Musée de la musique, and shall be subject to the director’s approval in writing.
A complete copy of all research work (notes, readings, measurements, diagrams, sketches, photographs, etc.) must be submitted to the Musée de la musique Conservation department or Laboratory within three months of the viewing of the museum object(s). Documents thus submitted shall be considered part of the documentation on the object, and the Musée de la musique and the Philharmonie de Paris shall be free to use these documents, including sharing them with a third party and publishing reproductions of them in their own publications (catalogues, etc.), in which case, the author’s name will be clearly indicated.

The Musée de la musique assumes no responsibility for the reliability and use of the readings, measurements and photographs.
The person requesting access is not allowed to bring musical instruments.
The Conservation department reserves the right to terminate the viewing at any time if necessary.

If any of these terms and conditions are not observed, the Musée de la musique may deny any further access to the collection and inform parties overseeing other collections.


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