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Philharmonie de Paris - Home Page

All over the world, the voice allows us to communicate with others and to express our emotions. Each region of the world has its own songs to celebrate, thank, share sadness or joy...

The voice is the primary instrument of the human being and is at the centre of this theme-world. Organised around a monumental installation designed to explore vocal expressions and techniques from around the world, the space offers children an opportunity to play with their voice and to discover the voices of others.

Experience the Philharmonie des enfants

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Aujourd'hui, thursday, 20 january 2022, the Philharmonie des enfants is open from 10am to 1pm then from 2pm to 6pm.
Voice pitch
Pitch Pong

Children’s voices are generally high-pitched and adults’ deeper. Men’s voices are usually deeper than women’s. Even so, each of us has a unique voice and can modulate or vary the pitch of it. And like all musical instruments, your voice requires practice if you want to use it properly. Anyone for a little training?

Voice effects
Funny voices

Each voice is unique and we can recognise a friend on the phone before they even say their name. Each voice is said to have its own timbre. There are many vocal timbres: warm, bright, cold, nasal, quavering, robotic, squeaky or booming!

Explorations notebooks (in French)

In the various exploration workbooks, a "games" section specifically designed for children serves as a support for in-depth activities. These exploration workbooks offer thematic paths that focus on complementary concepts. 


Our body is musical. We just have to sing or clap to realise that. If we clap again and again, we produce a beat. Then our movements too can produce different rhythms, regular or not, tell stories or even make up real poems. Do you want to dance and make rhythms with your body? Go on!

Voices of the world
Voice, where do you come from?

A unique vocal journey around the Land of the Little People of the Philharmonie des enfants. You can’t imagine what people can do with their voices.

Singing portraits

’Singing portraits’ is a trip around the world in 80 steps. Looking through the portholes, discover the singing portraits of people who live near the Philharmonie de Paris. In the cabin, you can make your own portrait by recording a song that tells a story: a favourite tune, one you sing with your family, a lullaby sung to you...